The First Arctic Studies Forum Held on LCU Campus

2018/5/28 377 Times

The ASC First Arctic Studies Forum was held on LCU campus on May 27 and 28, 2018.
      The theme of the forum is Studies of Arctic Ritual, Belief and Shamanism. 20 speakers from The United States, Australia, England, Austria, and China participated in the forum. They are either social anthropologists or archaeologists, including Ben Potter (University of Alaska University), Elizabeth Childs-Johnson (University of Memphis), Robert Wallis (Richmond University, the American International University in London), Thomas Michael ((Beijing Normal University), Laurel Kendall (American Museum of Natural History), David Holm (National Chengchi University, Taipei; formerly Professor of University of Melbourne), Stefan Krist (Inner Mongolia University), Huisheng Tang (Hebei Normal University), Shouyong Pan (Minzu University of China), Yin Se (Minzu University of China), Shuyun Guo (Dalian Minzu University), and Haiyan Xing (Shanghai Normal University).
      On the open ceremony of the forum, Ben Potter, Huisheng Tang, Yin Se, and Shuyun Guo were appointed as Affiliate Professors of ASC at LCU. President Xianjin Cai addressed a welcome speech.

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