Research Areas

    With the interdisciplinary theoretic approaches from various fields such as anthropology, archaeology, history, ecology, geography, and public governance, the ASC research team is dedicated to examining polar ethnographic landscapes, the aboriginal survival wisdom in circumpolar regions, and human-environment correlations during over ten thousand years, and to explore a new path for the sustainable development of humankind and the construction of a human destined community. Our current research projectss include:

o   Performing research on marine resources and livelihood strategies, taking the prehistory of the Intuits and archaeology as an example. This project has been funded by the National Social Science Foundation of China.

o   Reconstructing an ethno-ecological framework along the One Belt and One Road in the Northeast Asia, from the perspectives of reflecting the anthropological and ecological theories.

o   Engaging in the recording of the linguistic ethnography of the Arctic and Subarctic indigenous peoples, on the basis of linguistic anthropology.

o   Establishing a theoretical research system for China's near-Arctic indigenous peoples which include Northern China’s cross-border ethnic groups into the broader framework of international Arctic ethnicity studies.

o   Conducting tourism anthropology research, with the Chinese as the main mobile body, and the Arctic Circle as the tourist destination.

           Developing non-western theories on Arctic international relations and public governance.