Prof. Guo Peiqing came to our center gave a presentation entitled "Arctic Studies at Home and abroad".

2021/5/19 244 Times

      On May 19, 2021, the Arctic Research Center held a lecture entitled "Arctic Studies at Home and abroad", which is also the fourth phase of our "Arctic Research Workshop".

      Professor Guo Peiqing, founder of China-Russia Arctic Forum and Ph.D. supervisor of School of International Affairs and Public Administration of Ocean University of China, executive director of Arctic Research Center, founder of Polar and Ocean Portal, international non-governmental think tank, was invited as the keynote speaker.

       Prof.Guo first introduced the changes in the Arctic, its many economic benefits, and its impact on the geopolitical pattern of the world. Next, Prof. Guo introduced China's Arctic interests to the students from the aspects of climate, science, resources, military and strategy. Professor Guo pointed out that major powers have issued Arctic strategies one after another, and whether there is an Arctic strategy or Arctic participation has become a symbol to measure a country's status in the world.Then, Prof. Guo introduced China's participation in the Arctic. Finally, Prof. Guo introduced the current situation of Arctic strategic research at home and abroad.

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