Michael Knüppel Awarded "Vámbéry Award" (2023)

2024/5/15 65 Times

On Thursday, 21 March, 2024, Dr. Michael Knüppel, professor with ASC (Arctic Studies Center, Liaocheng University), was honoured with the Vámbéry Award (for the year 2023) named after the Hungarian Central Asian traveller Ármin Vámbéry (1832-1913) for his academic achievements, and in particular for his research into the life and work of the Orientalist and co-founder of Turkish studies. The prestigious prize, traditionally awarded by the Vámbéry Civic Association in Dunajská Streda in Slovakia, Á. Vámbéry's place of origin, is presented by the mayor of the town - as was the case this year by Mr Zoltán Hájos. Prof I. Vásáry from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest read the laudatory speech for the prizewinner. On this occasion, M. Knüppel gave a guest lecture, which was again dedicated to the subject of the honour, Vámbéry's life and work."

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