Fifth Workshop Of ASC Held On March 8th, 2023.

2023/3/17 137 Times

On March 8th, 2023, the fifth workshop of the Arctic Studies Center (ASC) in  Liaocheng University was held at the meeting hall of the center. This workshop focused on Oroqen Folk Songs and the national music ecology near the Arctic region. A lady named Meng Guihua from the Da Hinggan Ling Prefecture of Heilongjiang province in P.R. China was invited to the workshop and performed some Oroqen folk songs, which attracted teachers and students from the School of Foreign Languages and the School of Music in Liaocheng University. Oroqen Folk Songs are part of the intangible cultural heritage in this area and Meng Guihua has been performing such songs from an early age and is known as the inheritor of this intangible cultural heritage. Professor Qu Feng, dean and head researcher of ASC, introduced the story of Meng Guihua and the importance of the songs she performed in the study of the near-Arctic ethnic groups.

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