Qu Feng Visited CEARC

2023/3/26 107 Times

On the Morning March 24th, 2023, Professor Qu Feng, Director of the Arctic Studies Center (ASC) at Liaocheng University visited CEARC at Paris-Saclay University and had a meeting with CEARC colleagues. During the meeting, Professor Qu held a presentation on how ASC was established and developed and became an important institute on Arctic humanities and social science in China. Professor Alexandra LAVRILLIER (Deputy director of the CEARC for the Arctic, anthropologist) gave a presentation on her Climate Change Observation with the Siberian Evenki project.  

CEARC Director & Professor Jean-Paul Vanderlindeni, Dr. Charlotte da CunhaDr. Judith MarechalMr. Semen GabyshevDr. Jean-Michel Hunctin, and Dr. Patrick Schembri were present at the meeting. 

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