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1.曲枫:  土著艺术是否为宗教观念的再现——基于极地博物馆馆藏考察,民族艺术,2018.第3期
Qu Feng: Is Indigenous Art a Re-enactment of Religious Concepts - Based on the Polar Museum Collection Survey, National Art,No.3,2018.

2. 曲枫:  爱斯基摩起源之谜及其考古学研究 ,光明日报理论版,2018年10月22日,第14版
Qu Feng: Mystery of Eskimo's Origins and Its Archaeological Research, Guangming Daily Theory, 22 October 2018, 14th edition.

3. 曲枫:   Two Faces of the Manchu Shaman: “Participatory Observation” in Western and Chinese Contexts,religions ,2018,9,388

4. 曲枫:  两种语境中的萨满概念分析与萨满概念重建,世界宗教文化,2018.第6期,
Qu Feng: Shamanism Concept Analysis and Shamanism Concept Reconstruction in Two Contexts, World Religious Culture, 2018, No. 6,


Qu Feng: Eskimo Prehistoric and Archaeological Research, National Social Science Key Project, Batch No. 18AKG001.

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