The Opening Ceremony of ASC

2018/12/3 371 Times

The Opening Ceremony of the newly established Arctic Studies Center (ASC) at LCU was held at the ASC’s new building on LCU campus on December 1, 2018. Wang Qiang represented leadership of LCU to have released a congratulation speech. The Founding Director of ASC, Dr. Feng Qu gave an address, expressing his sincere thanks for supports from LCU and other institutions in China and outside China.
      ASC faculty including Dr. Dr. Knüppel, Dr. Pakhomov, and Dr. Montgomery attended the ceremony. Dr. Montgomery represented ASC scholars gave a talk
      Daniel White, the Chancellor of the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and William Fitzhugh, the Director of Arctic Studies Center at Smithsonian Institution sent their congratulatory letters to ASC at LCU.
     “Our relationship represents a vital collaboration between our two universities.” Chancellor Dr. White writes, “We begin an educational endeavor in Anthropology and Social Sciences toward understanding the Arctic, past and present, shared by researchers at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and Liaocheng University.”
      Dr. Fitzhugh writes, “The Arctic is no longer an unknown frontier. It has become a crucial new region for transport and resource development, and its environment and cultures must be protected, as well as the rights and knowledge of its indigenous people. We look forward to collaborating with your center as it grows and begins to make important contributions.”

Around 40 scholars from LCU and other Chinese institutions were present at the meeting.

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