ASC Faculty Attended the Arctic Circle China Forum in Shanghai

2019/5/16 377 Times

On May 10-11, our ASC faculty, including Dr. Qu, Dr.Dr. Knuppel, Dr. Pakhomov, and Dr. Montgomery attended the Arctic Circle China Forum in Shanghai.
      The Arctic Circle China Forum, co-sponsored by the Ministry of Natural Resources of China and the Arctic Circle Forum, Iceland, was held in Shanghai. With the theme of "China and the Arctic", the Forum focused on Polar Silk Road, science and innovation, transportation and investment, sustainable development, oceans, energy, and governance.
      Our ASC at LCU, International Center for Reindeer Husbandry, and A.L. Parlow & Associates, LLC, Washington, DC. organized the Session 10 “Indigenous Communities and Livelihoods in A Changing Arctic.” Dr. Qu and Dr. Parlow were chairs of the session.

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