Eighth Workshop of ASC held on January 5, 2024

2024/4/2 103 Times

On the afternoon of January 5, 2024, the eighth workshop of the Arctic Studies Center of Liaocheng University was successfully held in the center's conference room. The theme of the workshop was "From the Pacific to the Arctic: A Study on the Common Origins of the Chinese People and Native Americans from the Perspectives of Religious Studies and Psychology."

The workshop was hosted by Dr. Qiao Juan, a researcher at the Arctic Studies Center. She first gave a brief introduction of Professor Li Yueting and expressed her welcome and gratitude for his presence. The opening interactive session was lively and enthusiastic. Following that, Professor Li Yueting gave an academic presentation, starting with the topic "Why I am interested in Native American culture" and delivered an exciting sharing session. Professor Li, through interactive exchanges with the audience, elaborated on the origins, culture, and totems of Native Americans, combining his rich academic career and interesting life experiences to talk about recent research findings. Professor Li explained the important basis for the common ancestry between Chinese and Native Americans from three perspectives: (1) genetics, bones, archaeology; (2) culture, customs, language and beliefs; (3) the first-hand material from field work. He then focused on the hypothesis of Chinese migration to America thousands of years ago and the shared ancestry of Chinese and Native American cultures, providing solid evidence.

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