Professor Qu Feng Visited the Arctic University of Norway, Umeå University in Sweden, and University of Vienna in Austria

2020/5/6 627 Times

From February to March 2020, Professor Qu Feng was invited to visit the world ’s northernmost university, the Arctic University of  Norway (UiT), then the Arctic Research Center (Arcum) and the Center for Sami Research (Várdduo) at Umeå University in Sweden, and the Austrian Polar Research Institute at University of Vienna in Austria.

During his visit to Tromso, Professor Qu was invited to give a lecture entitled "Ivory versus Antler: Reconsider Binary Structuralism in the Study of Prehistoric Eskimo Cultures" at the College of Humanities at MiT.

During his visit to Umea, Professor Qu held talks with Professor Peter Sköld, Director of Arcum of Umea University and the Chairman of the Uarctic Board, and Professor Krister Stoor, Director of the Center for Sami Research. The two parties briefed each other on the development and direction of research of each institute, and reached to preliminary intents on research cooperation and student exchanges. The visit of Professor Qu Feng was reported at the university’s news website with the title of "Visit from New Chinese Arctic Center". The link to the website is:

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