Prof. Dr. Dr. Michael Knüppel was appointed by “Bitig. Journal of Turcology Researches”

2021/3/9 606 Times

On March 3, 2021 Prof. Dr. Dr. Michael Knüppel was appointed a member of the editorial advisery board and editorial re­feree board of “Bitig. Journal of Turcology Researches”, which is the authoritative publication of Turcology research.
Moreover, Prof. Dr. Dr. Michael Knüppel is also in the editorial boards of “Studia Linguistica Uni­ver­sitatis Iagellonicae Cracoviensis” (SLing), (Kraków), “Folia Orien­talia” (FO), (Kraków), “Journal of Oriental and African Studies” (JOAS), (Athens) and “Bitig. Journal of Turcology Researches” (Es­ki­şehir). In addition I am co-editor of  “Sibirische Studien. Siberian Stu­dies” (Göt­tin­gen, Is­tan­bul) and “北冰洋研究. Arctic Stu­dies” (Liáochéng).

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