Greenland seabed scoured for marine diamonds

2022/3/18 438 Times

Greenland's seabed is being studied to see if it is home to marine diamonds, in a survey conducted on behalf of international diamond group De Beers, the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS) said. Western Greenland is already known to have onshore diamonds, but De Beers is attempting to find out whether the precious gems may have been carried out to sea during geological movements. The company, based in London and owned by mining group Anglo American, obtained an onshore exploration permit in July 2019 in western Greenland, followed by an offshore extension in October 2020.De Beers is already mining marine diamonds off the coast of Namibia, which is home to the richest known marine diamond deposits in the world, estimated by the company at 80 million carats.

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