The central Asian “Xuejmin bo” published an article in Russian by Michael Knüppel

2023/10/8 119 Times

    Recently, the central Asian “Xuejmin bo” published an article by Michael Knüppel from Arctic Studies Center of Liaocheng University, introducing the current research status of linguistic Dungan studies in the international academic community. It was pointed out that the writing and cultural richness of Dungan language are very important, and Dungan language and its users are still one of the active research fields. At present, a major highlight of Dungan language research is Olli Salmi's “Dungan-English Dictionary” (published in 2018). In late August, 2023, Michael Knüppel did field works in the Dungan areas of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

    The Dungan people are a descendant of the Hui ethnic group who moved from Shaanxi and Gansu in China to Central Asia in the second half of the 19th century. The Dungan people believe that they share the same origin as the Chinese Hui people and call themselves the Hui (Dungan language: Хуэйзў Huejzw). The Soviet Union named this ethnic group after the term “Dungan”. the Dungan people mainly believe in Islam, with a population of about 160,000 and belonging to ethnic minorities in various central Asian countries.

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