Journal of Arctic Studies V

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On Water,Ice,or Land: Lifetime Mobility of Human History
Environmental History and Archaeology
Archaeological Patterning in Northeast Asia and Northwest North America:An Examination of the Dene-Yeniseian Hypothesis
Independence Ⅰ and Saqqaq. The First Greenlanders
Ivory versus Antler:A Reassessment of Binary Structuralism in the Study of Prehistoric Eskimo Cultures
Linguistic Research
Non-lexicalized Onomatopœia in Yukaghir Languages
Tuvan Language Change in Daily Life
The Morphological Status of the Causative Suffix in Manchu
Studies of Chinese Arctic Peoples
Origin and Development of Solon Aiman(Tribe)Stationing in Hulun Buir—A Daur Perspective
Inheriting,Reviving and Protecting Russian Folk Songs in Urgun City,Inner Mongolia
Investigation on the Survival Status of Reindeer Ewenki in China
Indigenous Resettlement
Sámi Forced Relocation in Sweden during 1920s—30s
The Inuit Resettlement Project in Canada and Its Impact
Frontier Observation
On the Relevance of Spirituality for Human-Bird Interactions and Conservation Success
The Dog-Hunter Alliance in two Hunting Communities of Greenland
Book Review
Dwelling on the Arctic Homeland
Bridging Academic Research and Popular Publications—Review on Island of the Blue Foxes
Language Contact in Siberia. Turkic,Mongolic,and Tungusic loanwords in Yeniseian
Academic Events
The Inner Mongolian Society for Academic Research on the Evenki People
The Arctic Centre of Umea University, Sweden: Promoting and Supporting Arctic Research through a Strategic Network
Indigenous Research at Várdduo——Centre for Sami Research, Umea University, Sweden
The Third Arctic Studies Forum held in Erguna

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