Journal of Arctic Studies III

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Social contracts beween humans and animals


Environmental History and Archaeology

From Early Iron Age to Mid-century: History of Reindeer Breeding in northern Siberia

Role of Fishing in the Neolithic Period of the Lower Ob region (Materials of the Settlement of Gorny Somatnel - I)

Walrus History Around the North Water: Human-Animal Relations in a Long-Term Perspective

Enthnography and Anthropology

The Art of Iñupiaq Whaling: Elders’ Interpretations of “International Polar Year Ethnological Collections”

Is It Possible to Hold Equal Conversations? The Competition for Natural Resources between Ethnic Minorities and the “Big Societies”

Crane Tunes and Dances in Kalmyk Traditional Culture

Wild Horse Reconstruction and the Ecological Relationship between Wilderness and Human in Junnggar Basin—An Anthropological Case Study of Species Recovery

On Lurigeren Dance of Oroqen people on Daxing’an Mountains

Siberian Studies

On the Academic History of Siberian Rock Art Research in the Period of Tsarist Russia

The Current Situation of Indigenous Peoples of the Lower Amur River (Heilongjiang) in Russia

Tourism and Regional Development

Tourism Experience of Dog Sledding in Rovaniemi, Finland: A Fairy Tale of the Experience Economy

Studies of Intangible Cultural Heritage and Exploitation of Ethnic Cultural Tourism Resources —A Case Study of the Ewenki Group in Ewenki Autonomous Banner

Observation on the Frontier

Contemporary Chukotka Native People and  Traditional Knowledge about the Walrus

Book Review

Prehistoric Hunters Disappeared in the Polar Night—A Review on A Prehistory of the North

Russia and the Arctic: History as Events, Experiences and Myths—Review on Russia and the Arctic

Academic Events

Reserach Baseof Daur, Ewenki, and Oroqen Peoples, Inner Mongolia was founded

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